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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Sharpen your eyeliner, break out the Aquanet and
get ready for a retroactive rollercoaster of music!
These are the sounds DC remembers from Poseurs,
Back Alley & Cagneys!

THE MACHINE and DEVOLUTIONARY will be spinning
the best alternative & obscure dance tracks from the 80's
at the coolest bar on H Street, featuring New Wave,
Post Punk & Dark Wave music!

Accept No Imitations! We're proud to be DC's home for great
Alternative 80's Music, now in our 3rd year!

Ellis (our kickass bartender) will be serving up
LMW's signature slushie drink..."The Awesomeness"
along with your favorite cocktails & a fantastic beer selection
(2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month)
UPSTAIRS @ Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar
1104 H Street NE Washington, DC
21+ / NO COVER / Doors 9p - 1a
Make no mistake...this is NOT a typical 80's night!
It's all things alternative from the decade of excess!
Email us at: kkbb@spellbound-dc.com


TONIGHT! OPENING NIGHT: Material World - Glamour, Glitz & 80s Hits! [NJ/NYC]

46 Lounge Bar 46 Lounge Dancefloor

Are you living in a Material World? Do you want GLAMOUR, GLITZ, AND 80s HITS!; Join us OPENING NIGHT -TONIGHT- at 46 Lounge in Totowa for New Jersey's Premier Upscale Retro Dance Party: MATERIAL WORLD!

Featuring the music of the 80's including: Rock, Pop, Freestyle, New Wave, Hip Hop, House, and Glam!

Resident DJ Ron Medina and guest DJs spin a mix of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Coro, TKA, Information Society, Prince, The Go-Gos, The Cars, Depeche Mode, U2, and many many others!

3 Bars fully stocked and loaded for your consumption! Large Outdoor patio! 21+ .. $5 Cover .. 9pm - 2am

46 Lounge is an ultra-chic lounge with flavors of Manhattan, Miami & Los Angeles packed into one exciting venue. With trendy contemporary design featuring Italian Metallic Tile, Brazilian Cherry Dance Floor, Posh VIP Area with Custom Lighting, Granite, Slate and Steel Bathrooms and 3 Designer Martini & Wine Bars, 46 Lounge is the most upscale & hip bar/................................................................................restaurant/..........nightclub outside of Manhattan.We feature an International Menu with Latin, Asian, Italian & Mediterranean Influence. Our eclectic entrees and appetizers are tailored to compliment our wines & cocktails and are as suitable for a full sit down dinner as they are for a high energy night of partying. Combine all that defines 46 Lounge... The Ambiance of our Interior with Soothing Earth Tones and Amber Lighting – Simple, yet Pleasing & Satisfying Food Selection – Exclusive Specialty Martini & Cocktail Menu – Diverse Wine Selection with 12 Available by the Glass – Unrivaled VIP Bottle Service …and you get exquisite NYC Style without the NYC commute...

46 Lounge Website

Sponsorted by Ritual Filth

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"The sequel to LOST BOYS will make it to the big screen after all, despite being originally planned to head direct to video - according to the film's co-star TOM SAVINI.
The special effects wizard and actor insists the filmmakers have changed their mind over the future of Lost Boys 2 : The Tribe after the movie's leads Corey Haim and Corey Feldman have proved a success on their new reality show The Two Coreys.
He says, "Originally it was going to be direct to video, but because of the success of their reality show, The Tribe is going to go theatrical." The child star duo will team up with Kiefer Sutherland's half-brother Angus for the sequel to the cult 1987 movie."

Nicked from somewhere on the net.

The fact that the two Coreys are in it has suddenly transformed the movie from being a complete mess into a complete success, according to lots of fans. I do adore the two Coreys, but FOR CHRIST SAKE. The Coreys DID NOT MAKE LOST BOYS WHAT IT WAS. They aren't big child stars anymore, they aren't teenagers anymore. Seen them in anything worth watching in the past couple of years? I know I haven't. I wish they'd stop trying to replace Kiefer. Kiefer is Kiefer. No half-brother or fifth cousin twice removed will ever be what Kiefer was. A theatrical release wont make the script any better either. WE DON'T NEED A SEQUEL AND NEVER HAVE. Why did we all love Lost Boys in the first place? The 80s-ness, the soundtrack, THE WHOLE CAST. We aren't going to see any legendary scenes like "maggots, michael". We aren't going to have any more deaths-by-stereo (unless the director, who surprisingly has the film making history of a duck, is clever enough to get Corey Haim to re-act that scene)

I just wish all the people on the IMDB boards would stop the "THE COREYS ARE BACK - THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!" threads. Are they idiots?! I know i'm slating this movie before it has even been made, which is ocmpletely hypocritical in loads of ways. But a cinema release? As good (or anywhere near) as the first? I'll believe it when I effing well see it.

Please tell me i'm not the only one with this opinion?!

OH, ALSO. "THE TRIBE". What are they? Red indians? Red Indian, night surfing, dolphin eating vampires.


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Tonight, at the Mixer in Baltimore!

This week at the Mixer, Balti and I will throw out all sorts of tunes for YOU to enjoy--with a focus on that favorite decade--you guessed it--the 80's!

We hope you'll come to the Mixer early tonight--in addition to the usual festivities, we will have some kitchy party favors throughout the club. We invite you to enter our raffle for a "retro" themed prize pack that Balti and I have put together, with you in mind. We've got 2 happy hours (9-10 pm, 12-close) AND $2 shot "bartender's choice" special.

So come to the Mixer, relive the 80's or your favorite decade (or romanticize if you were born too late, lol).

Be sure to catch smytii at Rapture's 80's night on September 22nd.

For more info, go to the Mixer's new minisite for all the info you'll need:

Add the Mixer as a friend on myspace: